PolyU Research Postgraduate Summer School (13 July - 27 July 2022)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The PolyU Research Postgraduate Summer School (virtual mode, 13 July - 27 July, excluding Saturdays and Sundays) not only serves as a PhD-tasting programme for the participants to experience wide elements of research studies but also provides them with an opportunity to get familiar with the support that PolyU will offer. 

During the Summer School, students will have opportunities to meet professors and researchers, attend workshops to learn different research-related skills, interact with students and alumni for experience sharing, and prepare their research proposal for presentation at the end of the Summer School.


What do we offer?

1. Conditional offers of admission to research postgraduate studies

2. HK$5,000 Summer School Scholarship for each participant

3. Pre-matching with potential supervisors


Summer School Webpage:

Application Form: (Close on 18 April 2022)