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The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) is a publicly-funded tertiary institution dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning, through a diverse offering of academic and research programmes on teacher education and complementary social sciences and humanities disciplines.

We offer both research postgraduate programmes (i.e., PhD and MPhil) and taught postgraduate programmes including Master of Education (MEd), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Social Sciences (MSocSc) and Doctor of Education (EdD) programmes. Students enrolled in the research postgraduate programmes receive training in research skills and conduct independent research under the guidance of a team of renowned supervisors. While our taught postgraduate programmes have been designed with a view to combine specialist study and a broad-based training in professional reflection, assessment, and research methods. [More about postgraduate programmes


Teaching & Learning

EdUHK seeks to provide a “total learning experience” for students so that they can learn in different ways, for different purposes to achieve multiple outcomes. Teaching is about engaging students in their learning and helping them to take responsibility for it. Outcome-based learning (OBL), to which EdUHK is committed, is a process that enables teachers to develop meaningful and purposeful learning for students, but it also involves students in constructing and monitoring their own learning. This is 21st century learning: acquiring valued knowledge, skills and values that will enable students to become competent professionals and active citizens.


Research & Development

Given the fast pace of education development in Hong Kong, Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific Region, EdUHK continues to adopt a research and development (R&D) philosophy that defines excellence as encompassing scholarship, professionalism, and services (through knowledge transfer) to the community and the teaching profession locally and internationally. Our new and far-reaching concept of Education-plus approach is also being applied to broaden the scope of research and promote multi-disciplinary collaboration for the development and innovation of education and beyond.

With this philosophy, we are maintaining the highest standards of scholarship, teaching and service through the R&D activities of our academic staff, placing a special focus on educational development and innovation at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels, as well as in the ongoing process of lifelong learning. [More about research & development]


Facilities & Resources

EdUHK has an ideal physical environment with an active campus life for postgraduate education. The Library System, which comprises the Mong Man Wai Library and the Town Centre Library, is well equipped for educational and humanities research.

  • A total collection of 946,702 items;
  • A study environment for over 1,300 readers;
  • Four e-Learning Centres and more than 200 public personal computers;
  • Complete wireless LAN coverage;
  • Over 160 bibliographic and full-test databases;
  • 37,803 e-journals titles;
  • 115,221 e-book titles.

The facilities and services provided by the Library have earned it the reputation of being one of the best education libraries in Asia.

Students can also make use of a comprehensive range of support services such as information technology support, counseling services, personal and professional development programmes, language enhancement programmes, and research resources provided by various units at EdUHK.

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