City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong, one of the eight government-funded higher-education institutions in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), is a modern, hi-tech institution committed to providing a quality learning environment for its students and the community. It has a vibrant research culture and has gained a good reputation for both research and innovation in a wide range of disciplines. City University offers diverse research study opportunities and a wealth of taught postgraduate programmes designed to integrate the acquisition of professional skills and technical know-how with the cultivation of intellectual faculties.

The University is proactive in reaching out to society. It collaborates extensively in teaching and research with local and overseas universities and other organisations, and has forged close links with industry and commerce for consultancy and technology transfer. Postgraduate programmes are offered in the Faculties Colleges of Business, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Science & Engineering and in the Schools of Creative Media, Energy and Environment and Law. Please visit our website or view our video to know more about CityU, [ Request a catalogue now ] [ More about postgraduate programmes ]


City University of Hong Kong is committed to providing quality higher education to its students. We strive to produce a new breed of graduates who will excel in their chosen professions and possess a broad knowledge base to cope with the challenges of a changing world. The educational philosophy of the University emphasises whole person development, and students receive ample opportunities to nurture both the “breadth” (analytical and problem-solving skills, knowledge of the world) and “depth” (subject knowledge and professional skills) of their minds.

The University has a strong team of experienced academic staff with diverse research interests and professional expertise. Supported by top-quality teaching and research facilities, City University provides students with an excellent environment for learning and research. The physical environment, infrastructure and teaching facilities have been adapted from time to time to create an ambiance that encourages intellectual curiosity, social interaction, self-expression and mutual support.


In pursuit of a policy of funding selectivity, the University supported the establishment of Research Centres to provide a focus for interdisciplinary research in selected areas with the capacity and potential for international competitiveness.

The CityU Centre for Marine Environmental Research Innovative Technology was established with Government funding under the Areas of Excellence (AoE) scheme. The AoE scheme is an initiative launched by the University Grants Committee (UGC) with the objective of providing a platform to encourage and bolster research collaboration across the higher education sector in the interests of creating the critical mass necessary to achieve international excellence.

The University places heavy emphasis on applied research, and uses the results of such work to directly benefit Hong Kong and the wider world. Applied research outcomes are transferred to industry through the Applied Strategic Development Centres, which foster university-industry partnership, facilitate technology transfer and promote the commercialisation of the results of applied R&D. Applied R&D Centres across the border in Shenzhen have also been set up to focus on mid-stream, market–driven research with direct applications to industry, commerce and the community.


The University has achieved phenomenal growth since its establishment in 1984. To date, it has a student population of 26,045 enrolled in over 145 programmes at the associate degree, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The University provides a total of 159 IT and AV-equipped teaching and seminar rooms totaling 8,450 seats.

Excellent indoor and outdoor facilities are available from the Sports Complex on-campus for the organisation of regular physical education courses, sports team practices, intramural and intercollegiate competitions, and recreational activities for both staff and students. The off-campus Joint Sports Centre at Renfrew Road also provides a variety of quality outdoor sports facilities. It is jointly owned by CityU, HKBU and PolyU.

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